The Secret Life of Desk-Crap

I read an “article” (i.e. a wordy top-five list) about mind-blowing scientific theories, one of which delighted my heart to no end. It’s called the Copenhagen Interpretation and basically it suggests that electrons behave the way we expect them to when they’re being observed but when no one’s looking, they behave erratically even, some suggest further, willfully. Think of it as a scientific explanation for the toys in Toy Story (or, for the more retro-minded, the hard-partying food in the fridge at Pee-Wee’s Playhouse). When we’re not keeping a watchful eye on our possessions, they could be leading lives potentially more fulfilling than our own.

Which, naturally, led me to speculate about the secret lives of the crap on my desk.

Typical evening at the office?

Typical evening at the office?

Why would Beeker have it in for a plastic replica of Zeus? Why are the stone moon god and the wind-up sushi just stoically observing the carnage? What did Day of the Dead skeleton do to have his carcass flung aside so carelessly or, in the tradition of whimsical symbols of man’s mortality, is he merely drunk? Why am I even asking these questions? I mean, I orchestrated the whole tableau therefore I should have some idea of the preceding narrative. If the Copenhagen Interpretation is correct then, for all I know, my desk-crap could choose to drink coffee and discuss, I don’t know, the social relevance of knick-knack activism.   

p.s. If you’d like to read the inspirational “article” click this: 


3 responses to “The Secret Life of Desk-Crap

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  2. Awww, I’m so proud that you’ve come into my crazy world. *tears in eyes*

    And also, this seemed appropriate.

  3. Toooooooo much idle time. I love it!

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