The Semester Approaches

Husband Joe got a new job as a community advisor for Student Family Housing. I told Joe, in a fit of can-do-it-iveness, that I’d love to contribute to a proposed Student Family Housing newsletter. After writing this, I wondered how taboo the outright statement that we’re all just waiting greedily for our disbursement checks would be considered. Enjoy!

The back-to-school season is probably much the same all over the country: new shoes, the crisp, plastic smell of a new lunchbox, the awesome sight of two moms fighting over the last box of yellow #2 pencils at Wal-Mart, the ritualistic laying out of the first-day outfit, the pneumatic hiss and thunk of the school bus coming to a stop and opening its doors, beckoning kids away from their summer idleness.

But here in Student Family Housing, the back-to-school season has another, older — but not necessarily any more mature – side, as the parents of the neighborhood anticipate their own rapidly approaching start of classes. We call our old supervisors to see if the work study positions we held in the spring are still available in the fall. We check the bookstore website to see what textbooks we’ll need (and whether we can get them cheaper anywhere else!). And, like kids waiting for Christmas, we eagerly anticipate that most blessed event, Financial Aid Check Disbursement Day, a day much of the Las Cruces business community celebrates along with us indebted college students.     

Of course, the pecuniary joy of Check Disbursement Day is followed quickly by the crushing reality of a full class load and its accompanying hours and hours of reading, writing, calculating, hypothesizing, working in groups, desperately trying to impress your professors during lecture, and agonizing over how much you procrastinated on that one paper/project/presentation. So I encourage you to enjoy the few days of freedom you have left, no matter how thin you might be stretching your last few dollars. A traditional American proverb says, “The best things in life are free.” I say, “The best thing in life is free time.” 


One response to “The Semester Approaches

  1. I still lay out my clothes for the first day of classes. I probably will just the same for the class I’m auditing this semster as a “real working adult”.

    And god yes, free time is the shit.

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