The Pancake

   I have no ass. Seriously. In the 52-card pick up that is my genetic legacy, I got a lovely chest, fabulous gams, and absolutely zero in the trunk department. I can’t fill out a pair of jeans to save me. I bring up my lackluster can because right now I’m wearing no underwear.

   But, Rebuker, why are you wearing no underwear? you ask, shocked and vaguely titillated/repulsed.

   Because, I reply, the elastic went out in the waistband of my erstwhile undies and because I have no curvature in the buttock area to hold them up, they have been slipping down all day. I couldn’t even get to the bathroom with them still at waist level. 

   So, in a fit of pique on the way back from class, I slipped into the bathroom and threw them away. I would rather have no britches than saggy britches.


One response to “The Pancake

  1. You about made me fall off my chair as I’m stifling my outburst of laughter in class.

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