Kick ass? Well, if you insist . . .

First, here’s the final mock-up of the display my unit put together for the Recyclemania-Year of Sustainability kickoff event at the library:


I lost the little cut-out people from the first sketch. People are difficult to render in recyclable materials without being cheesy. Also, I feel that they would have been redundant. The display depicts life-size models of a recycling bin and a trash can. As you approach the display, you feel almost as though you could throw a piece of waste into one of the mock bins. You silently go through the decision making proces — “Does this bit of refuse go in the blue box or the gray box?” The observer becomes the little cut-out person. Therefore, no need to reiterate that in the design.

Also, the message: simple, straightforward, you don’t have to read a lot to get the point. The banner is made out of old pullslips which we use here in interlibray loan, but I think it turned out well despite the crinkley-ness. The boxes got switched around during assembly and that’s why the arrows are pointing inward instead of outward. I think this made it a little confusing visually, but it’s still a solid design:


Overall, the display kicked ass. Sustainable ass.


One response to “Kick ass? Well, if you insist . . .

  1. Breaking the third wall of sustainability. YEEEHAW!

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