White Trash Nachos

Justification #1: Everybody eats weird things. When I was a kid my thing was a slice of Kraft singles (the processed american cheese in the plastic single-serve wrappers) smeared with mayo. That’s it. I’d eat three of those and consider myself well-snacked. Or, because my parents never had candy or any other sweets in the house, I resort to dipping a chunk of lemon in a bowl of sugar if I needed a sweet fix. Improvisation, man.

Justification #2: I’m not freakin’ Supermom. That was my grandma, who would come home from an eight hour day at work, after stopping at the store for groceries, and cook a wonderful, healthy meal all from scratch. I can’t (humph, more likely won’t) do that. Besides, it was late, I was tired and crabby, and any attempts at actual cooking would have ended badly.

Justification #3: I’m trying to save money. I wanted nachos but I didn’t have any tortilla chips. Or torillas. C’mon, I was in between shopping trips and rather than run out to convenience store to buy chips at a terrible mark-up, I used what I had on hand: Saltines.

Don’t judge me. Thay were actually kind of good.



2 responses to “White Trash Nachos

  1. They’d put this in a French restaurant and call them fancy. I wouldn’t judge.

  2. Ooh la la!

    I used to make soda-popsicles in ice cube trays with toothpicks. So syrupy and good.

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